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Specialty Cables

Cable assemblies are designed for specific environmental factors, including the types of environmental factors it’s likely to encounter and the size of the area where it’s being used. For this reason, cable assemblies can come in many different sizes and shapes, and are built to shield the interior wires from heat, friction, moisture, abrasion, compression, and other hazards.

For these reasons, WIRIC develops with its customers cable assemblies for situations that have unique requirements. One recent example was developing a repair strategy for the vehicle data architecture. Since these circuits can't be spliced using repair kits, we developed a catalog of repair cables with different lengths and terminals that could be released to piggy back the existing defective circuit and repair the data connection.

Another example of a specific environment need are wire harnesses inside of a transmission. We produce replacement harnesses to OEM and transmission re-builder market. These harnesses have special wire requirements and components for this location. 

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