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Why Choose Wiric Corporation?


We specialize in small form automotive wire harnesses. What is small form? In modern automobiles, there are the big back bone harnesses (ex: Body, Engine, and Instrument panel). Everything else is generally small form. Small form connects devices to the vehicle or is part of what makes these devices work


Proficiency  - in process design, development and production of wire harness. You want it done right the first time, every time and on time. This is a business of managing the details.


Specialists – an innovative partner with proven capability in the supply of unique and novel automotive part solutions with a culture of continuous learning and training.


Competitiveness – in careful product preparation and by employing low cost production methods. We satisfy your need for long term competitive partners.


Customer Service – in providing a superior customer experience by serving with care and responsiveness and with a viewpoint for the end consumer.

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