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Example applications of small form wire harnesses

Trailer Harnesses

Trailer harness connect the 4 pin or 7 pin trailer connection to the vehicle. Some times these harness also have integrated relays. These are built-in to protect the vehicle and provide switching mechanisms.

Interior Illumination Harnesses

Interior lighting is a comfort feature for the driver and passengers. We provide wire harnesses to various small lights inside the vehicle cockpit. These lights can light up the foot wells, cup holders, door trim and other featured areas.

Fog lamp Harnesses

Fog lamps are a popular add-on accessory. We provide wire harness solutions to allowt fog lamps to be added on vehicles.

Automatic Transmission Harnesses

Automatic transmission harnesses have to be constructed for a rigorous and challenging environment. We employ special wire types and materials to provide reliable solutions in this application.

Sports Bar Harnesses

A popular option for pick-up trucks is a sport bar. We produce wire harnesses that are routed inside of the bar to provide power to the CHMSL lights and to other optional sport lights.

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