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OEM Repair Kits

WIRIC Corporation is a leading producer of wire harness repair kits of the OEM dealer network and their authorized distributors.

Repair kits are an important service strategy for repairing already installed wire harnesses. In typical automotive vehicle assembly, the OEM installs the main body wire harness early in the process. If the harness had a failed circuit or it was damaged in an accident full replacement would be costly.

The repair kit will provide the dealer or installer the same genuine OEM connector that it can splice into the circuit to repair the impacted branch of the harnesses. This reduces the cost and vehicle repair time substantially.

WIRIC is able to support its customers by specifying the replacement part strategy for an application using a combination of new and existing repair kits.

Sometimes after a review of returns, our OEM customers can determine that future product reliability can be improved by incorporating design improvements into the repair kit. Wiric is also able to produce and contribute the validation of these new design solutions.

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